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Many stock investing specialists believe that investors should avoid them at any cost and that penny stocks are useless, that investing in small cap stocks is not safe. A giant that is future may be discovered by you.

You purchase shares of a company when buying stocks,. The corporation has decided to do that it wants cash, and to enlarge its actions. One way of getting funds is to issue shares. Despite fluctuations, the share price of a business that is prosperous typically climbs, when the company, for example, does not reveal a gain but additionally, it may drop. The price can also drop if the stock market as a whole has a slowdown, often the effect of economic problems that are more comprehensive, of a national or international nature. Sometimes a share gets a beating because the sector of the marketplace where it operates endures a drawback.

Choosing Good Stocks: Fundamental Analysis

You actually study the company rather than the stock you might be interested in as indicated above. There are a number of guidelines when scrutinizing an organization to determine whether it is worth investing in to assist you. The procedure is generally termed fundamental analysis. The largest stock investor to date in history, Warren Buffett, uses only essential analysis to select stocks that meet his criteria.

We shall discuss the criteria for choosing great stocks. Note that these criteria are relevant to all stocks. They entail Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis. We turn to explain their particular characteristics and advice on the best way to find them.

Four of the most significant requirements when examining a business are:

Product: Is it a quality product? Will it compete effectively with present products, if not a brand new product?

Profitability: Does the business make a profit and has it made profits over a period of more or three years? What do its debt levels look like?

Resilience: How powerful is the company? Does it have the potential to defy inflation, higher rates of interest, a rise in fuel prices etc.?

Direction: Is the businesss management qualified? Are they individuals with diligence, good standings and integrity? Do they publish financial reports promptly and consistently? Do they have open communication with their investors? The CEO (Chief Executive Officer) plays a vital role in the direction of a business. Although this must be a consideration, it does not mean that precisely the same proficiency will be automatically achieved by a CEO with a magnificent record with one company with another.

Choosing Good Stocks: Technical Analysis

Technical analysis attempts to determine future price trends by analyzing factors like previous costs, trade quantities etc. Various indexes presented as graphs reveal data on shares and market sectors. Using these indicators may give you an indication of the current achievements of market sectors, while also helping you in selecting the best stocks in a sector that is specific. Since these indexes are presented as graphs, it will likely be necessary to consult web sites offering these graphs that are technical. To use technical indicators best, specific stock market software are offered when youve become an advanced investor to assist you with technical analysis.

Penny Stocks

It is now time to take a closer look to arguments. To start with: whats a penny stock? Penny stocks (or cent shares) are similar to other shares which you purchase on the stock market. The significant distinction is that penny shares are affordable to purchase ($5 or less per share, but there is no consensus over the amount). Frequently these shares are issued by new and small firms with a substantially smaller market capitalization than other stocks. This describes why they are comparatively inexpensive. Techniques and procedures to select penny stocks dont differ drastically from those used to pick other stocks.

Penny Stocks Versus Other Stocks

What do small cap (penny) stocks offer? Why are they a purchasing suggestion for a small investor? There are quite a few solutions. The share price of a young, flourishing company thats proved itself over a period of three years that are more or less, often increases by 120%, 40%, 80% or within a short length of time. On the other hand, a so-called blue chip stock held by a big, established company and costing $45 per share, is unlikely to proceed with such leaps and bounds. Secondly, small cap stocks are generally less prone to huge market movements.

Let us be reliable, the large majority are really not valuable. One penny stock experts reckons that over 97% are total failures. The explanation for that is that a lot of businesses that are small-scale are duds, incapable resulting from other difficulties, poor direction or insufficient financial resources. So its of utmost importance to recognize the businesses that are fly-by-night in order that you can prevent them and to get the pearls. For the reason that sense its a fact that penny stock investing is insecure. By nature penny stocks can also be more explosive compared to more established stocks. However, the risk factor isnt limited to penny stocks. The stocks of large firms can also be risky not only because they can fall victim to market crashes, but when they perform badly and prove to be a loss to big investors.

Remember the cost of any share may not drop as high as that of a cent share. In some instances even lower. The reasons usually do not necessarily differ from those causing the downturn of penny stocks. Numerous reasons can be responsible for this, including losses made by the company, bad management or an amazing collapse of a whole sector.

Where do I Find the Info?

The significant point is that penny stock selection and trading dont exist in isolation. Small companies with tremendous growth potential and rock bottom stock prices may be identified in similar way than other stocks, but with more circumspection. That means you should get knowledge about the stock you are interesting in together with the comprehensive tendencies on the stock market during the time you wish to buy. Contrary to the view that investing in stocks is limited to pros, increasingly more common individuals become advised about stocks and interested in. Nowadays there are a lot of stock investing guides (products that are online, ebooks and hard copies) that everyone can learn how the stock market operates, why and when to put them up for sale, how to manage them and the way to pick good stocks to buy. To many people stock market investing is becoming a hobby.


A good place to start when collecting information about penny stocks is the internet. These applications also let you use the two primary tools to evaluate stocks: fundamental analysis and technical analysis. Youll find these results online and in newspapers, when you become acquainted with analysis of company results. Astonishing techniques have been presented by several new penny stock on-line applications to uncover the jewels among the piles of garbage. Obviously heaps of money cannot be guaranteed; but you can find customers who have reported amazing results.

Newsletters and Newsgroups

Free regular penny stock newsletters are issued by some websites. These newsletters contain priceless information about companies, stocks and processes to research their underlying businesses and penny stocks. On-Line penny stock newsgroups where participants discuss the virtues are not equally useless.

Customer Reviews

Similar to penny stock forums are customers reviews on a matter posted on a website. In some cases the customer reviewers give ratings to publications or the applications available. Here you are able to expect varied views, and you have to use your own judgment to determine which reviews are balanced and trustworthy than others.


The growing literature on penny stocks has demystified investors uncertainties about trying a possible gold mine out. Success with penny stock investing isnt from your reach. Begin doing research on small companies with adequate cash, good financial results and management that is competent. Thus, collect as much information as possible in the net, purchase and consult the best available guide(s) and get on with this financial enterprise that is highly fascinating and lucrative. It could alter your life.

Written by: Jacob Brits

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