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3 years ago I started buying penny stocks (PS)and saw how they contributed to my portfolio. In less than 2 weeks I had profits of 259% and made $981.27. That is a great return if you ask me. But that is just my penny stocks that grew, and this was with 80% of my portfolio not being those. I don’t know about you, but I would love to do this every 2 weeks, and I have been pretty close to this. Some picks are good and some are bad, but if you invest in the right amount every time then you will minimize the risk of losses.

So why are they so important to a portfolio? Penny stocks give you profit while the higher priced ones give you long term growth. Many people only think about retirement and that they hope their stocks will grow by that time, but shouldn’t you think about making money now? penny stocks less than 10 cents If you wait til retirement and then cash out your stocks you will not have as much as your would if you invested and reinvested in stocks.

The great thing about PS’s in a portfolio is you can get more shares for a lower price and in return the stock barely has to move in order for you to see your gains. Gains are what we are all after, right? I have bought and sold stocks for years and I wouldn’t go back to what I was doing before, I love stocks and I see what they have done for me. Take the time out of your day and see what ps’s can do for you.

There are so many people who ask me how I made my money and I tell them the same thing, PENNY STOCKS! If 20 people told you to invest in penny stocks then wouldn’t you do it if you saw they were making money? I have used this great program for all my penny stock training and it works great, CLICK HERE to see for yourself how great it is.

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